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We are committed to providing quality healthcare to families located in the area and treat patients of all ages. We provide comprehensive solutions for our patients’ oral health needs. Believing in the importance of listening to our patients, we take the time to truly understand each person’s needs, goals, and lifestyle. By understanding our patients’ objectives we can provide solutions that will improve their health while transforming their smile into something bright and beautiful.


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Understanding oral hygiene basics allows people to better care for their teeth. They pertain to the entirety of the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, and tongue. Oral health is critical to the body’s overall health.


Tooth Extraction

An image displaying the process of extracting a tooth

While it is best to preserve a natural tooth, there are times when a tooth extraction is necessary. An extraction may be the best option to maintain oral health due to trauma, disease and crowding.


Research has shown chronic dental infections can cause inflammation that contributes to cardiovascular disease, stroke and many other diseases, while a root canal can often save a tooth from decay, sometimes a tooth is beyond saving due to lost structure and stability. Tooth extraction can prevent damaging decay and infection from spreading.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment involves removing the damaged pulp and nerves from inside the tooth to eliminate bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading.


An image displaying the forming of tooth caries

A cavity is a hole in a tooth caused by acid from bacteria in the mouth. If left untreated, a cavity can lead to pain, infection and potential loss of the tooth.

Night Guard / Bruxism Treatment

Picture of a night-guard which is used for treating Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition in which you may unconsciously clench or grind your teeth when you are awake or during sleep, causing chipped, or cracked teeth, headaches and jaw pain.


Image showing a collection of regular moulded sports and mouth guards

The Dental Shoppe offers custom-made mouth guards for you, or your children that fit properly, are comfortable, resilient, tasteless and cause minimal interference with speaking and breathing.