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By substituting for tooth roots, implants closely mimic nature’s design. Each titanium implant is strategically placed in the jaw, where it integrates with your existing bone to create a solid foundation for a crown, bridge or denture. Implants promote bone retention and look and function like natural teeth. With proper care, they can last a lifetime.
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Implant Supported Dentures

While run-of-the-mill dentures shift and require adhesives to keep them in place, implant supported dentures fit solidly, reducing problems such as gum sores, difficulty speaking and difficulty chewing. By distributing your biting pressure more like natural teeth than traditional dentures, implant supported dentures even stimulate the supportive structures of your teeth and prevent bone and soft tissues from shrinking away. Especially if traditional dentures haven’t worked well for you, consider implant supported dentures.
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Traditional Dentures

Dentures replace a complete, upper/lower/full mouth, set of missing teeth. The denture sits directly on top of the gums and is held in place with an adhesive.

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Missing Tooth Restoration

The new standard of care for replacing a missing tooth is an implant. However, a bridge can be use to span the missing tooth.


Porcelain Bridges

If you’ve lost a tooth, a large gap in your smile is more than an eyesore; it can create significant problems for your dental health if left uncorrected. Gradually, your bite pressure may shift to other parts of your mouth to compensate for an inability to chew efficiently.

Then, neighboring teeth may begin to move into the gap, resulting in discomfort and pain. After some preparation of the two neighboring teeth, your dentist creates crowns for them, then fuses a prosthetic tooth between them. The device literally “bridges the gap” in your smile. Porcelain bridges blend in seamlessly with your smile for a beautiful restoration.
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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are the perfect restoration if you have several teeth missing that cannot be corrected with a bridge. Your custom designed partial denture from The Dental Shoppe is removable and made from a synthetic material that is supported with a lightweight metal.
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A Well-fitting denture is very important to your lasting oral health. A proper fit ensures that your dentures will allow you to retain much of your function, which is important for maintaining natural muscle tone in your face and jaw and keeping your smile looking and feeling healthy. Your team at The Dental Shoppe will design your dentures for the best possible fit, giving you a lifelike smile and helping you retain a natural lifestyle.
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Dental Pain

Any part of a tooth can crack. The crack may be visible, though this is not always the case. If a person experiences pain when chewing food or if teeth suddenly become sensitive to hot and cold, a cracked tooth could be at fault. Any pain associated with a cracked tooth tends to come and go. Intermittent pain makes it more challenging for a dentist to locate the crack, especially if it’s small. Anyone who suspects they have a cracked tooth should make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. Leaving a cracked tooth untreated may lead to movement problems, pain, and discomfort over time. The longer a cracked tooth goes untreated, the more difficult it may be for a dentist to save the tooth. Complications may also occur, such as an infection. It’s not uncommon for people to have a cracked tooth without experiencing symptoms. 


A dental filling is best suited for minor fractures and decay; for more severe cases other types of restorative dental treatment, such as a dental crown or implant, may be necessary.

A dentist can examine teeth with a dental explorer. An X-ray may also be used to determine more precise information regarding the location and severity of the decay.

There are several options of materials suitable to fill and seal a cavity. This helps to halt any further damage to the tooth, which might result from decay. An appropriate choice will depend on specific factors such as where the cavity is located and the patient’s medical history, aesthetic needs and preference.
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With a porcelain crown from The Dental Shoppe, you can erase years of wear and tear. Using a tooth-like crown made of porcelain, your dentist can restore your tooth after the decay has been removed. Crowns are also used to restore chipped teeth, broken teeth, gaps in teeth and other damage. Also, called “caps”, porcelain crowns mimic natural-looking teeth in both shape and color.
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Dental Technology

By utilizing the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques, The Dental Shoppe ensures your satisfaction with your visit and your continued excellent health.

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The best course of action to maintain your beautiful smile is to prevent problems before they start. Nearly all the conditions that hurt your smile can be avoided with regular care.

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Correct crooked teeth, spaces between your teeth, chipped teeth, broken or missing teeth, stained or discolored teeth or a “gummy” smile with cosmetic treatments.

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